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German Region GSE (Guide Share Europe)

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Concerns the exchange of information and experiences in the use of Tivoli products for cross-platform, distributed systems management.

The working group is concerned with:

  • The exchange of information and experiences in the use of Tivoli products for cross-platform, distributed systems management
  • IBM service management, taking process management and operations management into account
  • Industry best practices like ITIL
  • Preparation and proposal of software requirements


Central topics are:

  • Customer reports on planned or implemented Tivoli architecture
  • Concepts for implementing multi-platform systems management
  • IBM presentations on new strategies, products, and functions
  • Strategies for migration to new Tivoli product versions
  • IBM Tivoli support structures and their relationship to customers
  • Event management
  • Resource monitoring
  • Composite application management
  • Configuration management database
  • Operations management
  • Performance management
  • Inventory management
  • Software distribution



The Systems Management / Tivoli working group meets three times per year. The meetings always begin on Thursday at 10 AM and end on Friday at 4 PM. 

The Thursday offers two or three parallel workshops on various Tivoli topics. Afterwards all participants come together for a discussion in the open session, where new requirements can be proposed and voted on. 

On Friday morning there are presentations from GSE members, IBM/Tivoli, and Tivoli partners, and on Friday afternoon there is a short training, free of charge, on some current topic. 

The meetings are organized by the GSE members themselves.

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