Australian IBM Maximo User Group - South Australia

Australian IBM Maximo User Group - South Australia

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Southern Australia Maximo User Group is open to any IBM Maximo users and those interested in Maximo products and services in South Australia.

The goal of this group is to provide information sharing among members using Maximo. Meetings are focused on solving common business problems using IBM Maximo Products through information sharing and customer presentations.

Established January 1, 2008




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Name : 4everstudent

Company :

Name : adam.stockwell_BC41

Company : IBM

Name : adamson_3F04

Company : IBM Australia

Name : Administrator

Company :

Name : Adrian Hocking

Company : IBM

Name : aj5061_5644

Company : SMS

Name : Alberto DiFiore

Company : SA Water

Name : albtji

Company : APA Group

Name : Alex Towns

Company : IBM

Name : alex.monteiropraca_3846

Company : DTEI

Name : Amit Bhardwaj

Company : Wipro

Name : Andrew Garrett

Company : APA

Name : Andrey Zakharov

Company : CompuTel

Name : Andy Tan

Company : SA government

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