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An Introduction to IBM Storage Insights - Convergence between analytics, cloud, and data management
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IBM Spectrum Scale Elastic Storage Server Performance Update
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Software Defined Storage at IBM Edge2015 - Day 2
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IBM Edge 2015 is underway with new Storage Insights into storage solutions
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Software Defined Storage at IBM Edge2015 - Day 1
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    News From IBM


    IBM Spectrum Control – Intelligent Analytics for Managing Storage
    Two top challenges for administrators responsible for storage estates of any consequential size are consolidating a view of all storage and managing consumer-oriented service levels. That is where IBM Spectrum Control excels – providing IT managers with intelligent analytics for managing storage. Read the Ron Riffe’s blog to know how.

    Why can’t data protection be as simple as Pizza?
    Defining a solution for data protection has become a complex and lengthy task, requiring deep skills across a range of technologies. Wouldn’t it be great if people are able to order data protection ‘as a service,’ with the recovery features they want, similar to ordering a pizza? Check out this new blog by Daniel Wolfe from IBM Tivoli Storage Software Advanced Technology Team.

    How Software Defined storage is transforming the industry
    Is software defined storage the transformational concept that will change how IT managers deploy storage, what kind of hardware they will buy, who their trusted storage partners will be and how vendors will invest for the future? Read the blog by Ron Riffe to know the answers.

    IBM Spectrum Control, v5.2.5: Consumer centric insights into storage
    Read this blog to see how IBM Spectrum Control, v5.2.5 help monitor capacity and troubleshoot performance of applications, understand the SAN resources and  monitor capacity usage at a department level.

    Executive Blog
    “SDS… Enduring or a flash in the pan?” - Woj Speaks has a new blog post that examines if why Software Defined Storage is here to stay and how IBM is leading in the market in the SDS platform


    Upcoming Announcement : IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights

    Sign-up for the BETA
    COMING SOON! Cloud-based Data Management from IBM. Take a peek and get involved in the BETA now to shape the release. Click to sign up!

    Blog: The excitement continues to grow and grow!
    This blog talks a lot about IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights - Our soon to be released SaaS offering. Read and share!

    Video: Showcasing IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights
    Watch and share this video where Ben Randall, IBM Storage Management Architect demonstrates key capabilities coming in IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights. 



    Edge 2015

    Listen to the latest news about the IBM Storage strategy, new storage announcements, and compelling client stories by joining the Storage Executive Overview session hosted by Jamie Thomas, GM, Storage and Software Defined, IBM Systems at Edge 2015. Attend the session on 11 May at the Technical Edge from 8.30 am or at 10.30 am at the Executive Edge.


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